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Every year, the bodies of drowned immigrants wash ashore the coast of Tunisia. The currents drift the bodies in particular towards the shores of a small town named Zarzis. These bodies are neither registered, nor documented and only temporarily buried by volunteers.

The burying takes place just outside the town, on a former landfill.

Despite volunteers doing their best, on the small piece of land hundreds of bodies are buried on top of each other. Wind and rain bring the remains back to the surface, where they lie exposed among the rubbish.

This situation is neither respectful, nor sustainable.

Foundation Drowned Migrant Cemetery (Stichting DMC) is committed to setting up a suitable cemetery for drowned migrants in Zarzis. Foundation DMC aims to buy a piece of land to serve this purpose.

Together with the local government, NGOs and volunteers, and with your support, we will manage to realize and run a decent cemetery.

We need you

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